Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ever Feel Like You Need A Little Rant?

Do you ever have one of those things that you feel like is your thorn in the flesh? You know that thing that is just so irritating, yet you either can't or won't do something about it?


Okay... so just a little rant here. I've posted before about the bunco group that I'm in - well actually I coordinate it. What that means is that my role should be making the schedule, updating the sub list with new people and reminders. Once in awhile a schedule change or something. That's it. What what actually happens is that I end up finding the subs for the other irresponsible adults out there in our group.

The point of bunco is that it's a game where people mingle. There's really no strategy, but you play with 3 tables of 4 people - 12 people total. So we have a group of 12 regular members who host once a year and are on the schedule. Then we have a sub list. If one of the regular 12 is gone, it is their responsibility to call some people from the sub list and get a replacement.

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Well, as you can probably guess from the way this post is heading, SOME (namely two) of the people in this group hardly ever come (maybe 50% of the time) and don't participate (aka don't dress up for the theme) when they do come. I'm not really sure why they still want to be a part of the group - but I've hinted many times and they always say they want to do it still. I end up hearing from half the other people about how irritated they are that these two don't participate or show up.

Then I have the people that leave finding their sub until the last minute. That means that by the time they get around calling people on the list it's the day of or the day before and none of the subs are available. So then guess who ends up calling people to find their subs? Me, of course because otherwise they just won't show up, pay their $5 later and we are left to play with one or two "ghosts" (which means someone plays without a partner). Stupid.


The real problem I have with the whole thing is that these are all ADULTS. And they know what the COMMITMENT is at the beginning. It's the first Monday of every month for two hours. Not that much time. I just don't understand people and how they can't be responsible adults and do their own dirty work OR even better show up to their commitments! Or quit that works too.

Anyway... it just seems like every other month there's some issue and it's starting to really bug me. This month though I'll be in Texas for bunco (yes, I've already got my sub lined up, thanks), so they're going to have to figure it out on their own because I'm not answering me phone when they start calling for help.

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