Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Little of This...

and a little of that.

Well..... meant to post this yesterday and then got interrupted!

Yesterday was a stay at home day. Since the Little Guy was sick on Friday and recuperating from his fever (feeling much better today though!) we stayed home all day. Daddy is hunting and so we have the house to ourselves to get stuff done.

I've been trying to finish up all those little things that haven't gotten done during my daily cleaning routines.
First I ironed those curtains I washed from the hallway the other day (I hate ironing).

Later my mom came over and we did a project I've needed to do since I went to Forks with the in-laws in September.

The in-laws and I got these flannel jammies that say Twilight Forks WA on the legs, but then we saw some OTHER ones in a different store with "bite me" on the butt, so I got volunteered to get iron-on transfers and put them on our Forks jammies. I think I made some comment about how it's not too hard to do and so my SIL decided I could do it. After searching the web for white "Bite Me" transfers (everyone had only black!) I finally found some from a store on ebay. But I've never actually done iron-on transfers, so my mom came over to help. =) Thanks mom! I think they turned out pretty good.
I've started packing already for our trip. I needed to find a carry-on bag to double as my diaper bag. I didn't want to bring a purse, diaper bag AND a carry on, so this is the bag I found at Target for $29.99.

I like it that the bag has two sides divided by a middle zipper pocket. That way I can have the Little Guy's airplane stuff on one side and mine on the other. I think I'm going to put all his diaper stuff in the center zipper. Then, after we arrive I may use this just as a diaper bag OR just throw his diaper stuff in my purse. Haven't decided yet.

It's pouring down rain today... like POURING. We are having quite the storm. On my way to church this morning there were branches down everywhere. I'm looking forward to visting sunny (mid-70s!) Texas this week!

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