Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's a Dinosaur Birthday!

It was a long, hectic day, but I think the kids had fun and it was a success. I spent the morning finishing up my decorations. I loved the tissue paper pom poms from my Red Hot Bunco, so I made some more for the dinosaur party. So easy and they give so much color to the rooms! I also strung streamers around and had some balloons inflated at our local grocery store. I also took the cute dinosaur masks and strung them off the mantle. I kind of forgot to give most of them out at the end of the party - oh well, they looked cute!
My mom made us an adorable tail-less dinosaur that I placed on a big empty wall in the playroom. I was unsure how successful my Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Dinosaur game would be. Although it looked cute, only the older or bravest kids wanted to do it. I gave out a prize to the winner of some of those Grow Your Own Dinosaur capsules from the $1 Store.
After the fact, I've decided that the food was a little difficult. We had three sections of food: Herbivore, Carnivore and Dessertivore. 
Herbivore Menu: 
Fruit tray
Dino Toe Nails (Bugles)
Dino Salad (hummus and veggie stick cups)
Carnivore Menu:
Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets
Mini Corn Dogs
Dessertivore Menu:
Dino Cakes!
Orange and Green Hawaiian Punch
Most of this I had prepared ahead of time. The cookies and no-bake nest cookies were done the night before. The fruit tray and toe nails didn't require any prep and I had the individual hummus cups prepared a few hours  before. The part that was hard was trying to time the corn dogs and nuggets so that they would be warm! And I only have one oven, so I kept having to throw another couple cookie sheets of food into the oven and then throw them out on the table as they got done.... let's just say I'm not doing something like that again.

One of my good friend's is a cake decorator and she made Malachi's cake. She just started a new job and I wasn't going to ask her to make it, but HE asked her to make him a dinosaur cake! Something I did LAST year and forgot to do THIS year was to scoop my ice cream ahead of time.  What a difference it makes to pre-scoop your ice cream into cupcake liners and then just place them on you cake plates!
For activities we had the Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Dino game, a Dinosaur Egg Hunt and a Dino Dig in Malachi's brand-new sandbox that my husband built for him! 
The kids really seemed to enjoy the egg hunt. I got little plastic buckets at Party City for .99 each and they ran around the yard searching for eggs. The sandbox was the biggest hit though - I almost couldn't keep them out of it! It's huge and we decided that it was going to be his main present from us. He's been in it everyday since!
I have to admit that all his friends were pretty creative with their presents! Malachi got a plethora of dinosaur gifts - all very fun!!

Happy 4th Birthday Malachi!!

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