Thursday, March 14, 2013


My union is striking at work. I won't say much about that here, except to say that I fully support my co-workers and I'm sorry I didn't join you on the picket line this week.... calling me everyday is really not going to convince me to stand out in the rain for hours though.

Okay... I'm not really sorry I wasn't on the picket line, but I've been spending a solid week with my babies! Maybe it's wrong, but if I'm going to lose 1/4 of my paycheck for this period, I want to get something out of it. And what I want to get out of it is some extra time with my boys. =)

Soooo.... I feel like I've gotten a lot done this week. 
I had bunco Monday night. I had to clean my entire house and get my new art on the walls in the dining room. AND most importantly, I finally got a wireless adapter for our PC so I could move it permanently off our dining room table and into the bonus room. Hooray!!!
We didn't make it to church on Tuesday morning for my Bible study because Malachi has had a cold and I felt it was better to stay home. We've played games, had homemade food every night (as opposed to processed something or other...). I made a dish I've had pinned on Pinterest for quite awhile that was pretty good.
Yesterday and today I've been cleaning our bonus/playroom. This room was a disaster when we first moved in. I wish I'd taken a picture. You were almost unable to walk in the room for the boxes. We've been here 6 months now and it's VERY slowly gotten better. This is the room that gets all the leftovers. It still has a few things done, I need to unpack the bookshelf (all the books are on it... but in boxes), my craft corner is a disaster and I need a good storage solution for Malachi's toys. But, in light of what it looked like even a couple days ago... I think it's coming along. The first picture shows my newly organized corner with the TV. The second picture is the disastrous  crafting area. Amazingly... I got all my rice bag Christmas gifts done in that space!!!

Here's my cutie, Zachary. This week we've been doing lots of tummy time, standing practice and playing ball rolling games. He is still totally un-motivated in moving, crawling, standing, etc.... hence - the practicing.
Here he is... I am trying to tempt him with one of his brother's yellow mega bloks. As you can see he's excited about it, but not enough to move much. haha In the 4th picture, Malachi has come home with Daddy and a new headlamp and has decided to share it with Zach. Zach is pretty proud of it. =) The sad part is that it fit Zach perfectly after being on Malachi's head. Big brother with a small head and little brother with a big head. =)

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