Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Goals: End-of-Year Wrap Up

My original 2012 Goals post.

2012 Goals totally completed:

3. Take my son to the zoo

5. Take my son to the Hands-On Children’s Museum

7. Read 50 books

9. Read a Jane Austen novel I’ve never read

Goals partially met:

6. Go camping at least once. Well, I did not go camping, but my husband did take Malachi one night together.

14. Attempt to can something besides jam this summer. Technically I think I could count this one because I DID can some Apple Pie Filling, but it’s so similar that I can’t really count this one as totally completed.

17. Make monthly freezer meals. I didn’t make freezer meals every month, but I did get a great stock up before baby came and then did more when my mom and I bought all that Zaycon chicken.

8. Attempt a craft every month with my son. I think we did okay here. We probably didn’t do something every month, but we did some on-going projects like The Thankful Tree as well as some Mommy School projects and we baked some things together also.

18. Do a monthly Mommy School unit with my son. We did pretty good on this - even got a few in after Zach was born. Jan | Feb | Mar | May | Sept | Oct

Didn't complete:

1. Go on 12 dates with my husband. I knew this would be ambitious, especially with the baby this year, but I fell miserably short on this one. I am not really sure how many real dates we went on, but probably six or less. Fail.

4. We did not go to NW Trek, but I think I’m going to try to get there this next year for sure.

2. We didn't make it to the Drive-In. Grr… I am getting there one of these days.

10. Go fishing. Fail – didn't even get Shaun to take Malachi this year.

11. Attend a performance of the Seattle Symphony. I was kind a hoping we’d have the money to attend a Christmastime performance, but we just didn't this year.

12. Go through a corn maze. Honestly, we discussed doing this and it kinda freaks me out. I’m afraid we’d lose the boy. Maybe next year. Malachi and Shaun did a little maze at the Cider Mill though.

13. Grow a vegetable garden. Nope – lived all summer in a house with no yard. Couldn't use the sprinkler, let alone have a garden. Next year.

15. Sew something for myself. The sad part about this one is that I was going to sew some PJ pants for our Christmas Eve Box, but I didn't get to it, so my mom made them for me.

16. Keep a prayer journal. Epic fail. Didn't even remember this was a goal. =)

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